Friday, January 27, 2006

Old Memories...for the 70's & 80's born baby

Those OLD days!!

You grew up watching He-man, Transformers,
Thundercats, Silver Hawk, Space Cop Gaban,
Ultraman, and Mighty Mouse. Not to forget, Ninja
Turtles, Mask and Smurfs too. You grew up brushing
your teeth with a mug in primary school after
recess time. You squatted by a drain with all your
classmates beside you, and brushed your teeth with
a colourful mug. Remember the days when the school
nurse comes with a list for the dentist
appointments, the sound of the drilling when your
friend has a fill in his tooth.

You remember the packets of milk (Projeck Susu
Segar) and milo we get in primary school to
encourage us to drink more milk. And when we had
to line up just to get one cup, and some of us
would line up again for another cup of cold milo.
And remember we use to buy susu sekolah and get
stomach-ache the next day. During primary (some
KBSR & 3M) school days, the teacher will punish
you using a long ruler to hit your palm. A bowl of
noodle soup cost only 40c in primary school days.
When you were in primary school, girls like to go
to the bookshop to buy cute stuff such as animal
erasers, sharpeners, notebook etc. Play with these
paper doll... with all the paper clothes.. etc etc

In secondary (some KBSM) school, girls go to the
library to borrow their favorite romance
storybook. In secondary school, girls altered
their school skirt to shorten it and guys will go
to the school appointed school uniform tailor shop
to tailor make their school trousers to the then
fashionable "baggy pants" , or the GQ one with all
the 'batik' or buckle at the edge of the pocket!
the straight cut jeans.. or codroy.... In secondary
school days, you buy the Bata BM Turbo school
shoes. Some guys like to wear those china made
ankle high shoes. Some even like to wear those
very thick socks with their school shoes. remember
the panda, carefree or warrior shoes..
Internet? E-mail? What the hell is that? So you
thought a decade or more ago. Your friends don't
have pagers or hand phones in school. CDs? What's
that? Cassette tapes were the norm.. Movie tickets
used to cost less than $5 last time. there is no
KLCC.. Pertama or Bukit Bintang the only place we

The goodies from Mamak shop used to be Mamee, Ka
ka, Kum Kum, Ding Dang choco balls (with toys in
the box) + the mat sentul voices as a jingle,
colorful hard "egg", "cigarette" chocolate, pink
bottle of bubbles, and small tubes with yellow
sticks to blow "more lasting" bubbles that you can
pop more air in or slam it on. You never forget
'Ti Kam'. When exams are over, the board games
(eg: UNO, Monopoly, CLUEDO) & hand held video
games will be all over the class room. Girls will
start playing 'batu seremban'. guys with 'tudung
botol oren' Your favorite sound is the bell! For
it's the homemade ice cream man. The cream that
tops Hagen Dazs! The pink color ice-cream with
eyes plus a wide smile. Another bell is the recess
bell, a time to get away from school work and to
eat. Another time when there is no bell but all
guys will anxiously wait for it...The PJ, PE
time (time for football!!)

Your favorite childhood games were playing
"guli"(marbles), five stones, zero-point,
catching, and/or "Pepsi-Cola one two three"! The
best thirst quencher of all times is the yummy
colorful ice tubes you can buy from provision
shops. To eat them, break the tab and suck while
holding the freezing tube! All gals had Barbie
dolls, My Little Pony, pound puppy, Polly Pocket
and etc, while all boys had star wars figurines or
a rubber band catapult that shoots folded paper or
eraser bits. Once was the era whereby ice-cream
sticks were valuable items, than came the paper
aircrafts, chalk fights.

Everyone envied the class monitor and his
assistant, cos they were the ones who came up with
the daily duty roster, giving names to teacher on
who makes the most noise and who's running around
the class. The elite group are the prefects, the
one with license to move around, they consider
themselves above the law when not many students
actually listened to them, and that's when the PK Hem comes in.

Some boys made their own guns from wood,and used
'Bacali' as the bullets. Some even used matches to
shoot and burn kids'lanterns during Lantern
Festival.. and you also rather to 'ponteng sekolah'
juz to watch final episod of Moero Attack .. miss that much..
summersault berkembar... hehehe.. still remember this one..

Cheers to the 70's..80's b a b i es...NOW, WE RULE THIS WORLD

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