Friday, February 03, 2006


here is some lesson i've got from bill rancic (trump's first apprentice). i think it's good for us to apply in our daily lives.

don't sell yourself as someone you're not.
be careful how u present urself because it might come back to bite u.better come clean right out of the gate and let those doing the hiring decide if they want as is, instead of as u present urself.remember as i learned here, ur bosses will never need a good reason to fire u, but u'd do well not to give them any ammunition just the same.

know thyself
this is a basic stuff,but u'd be amazed how many young people set off on their career paths w/o fully realizing who they are or where they come from or what they're hoping for to get out of lies back home,at the feet of our parents etc.

nurture lifelong friendships
succesful entrepreneurs like to tally up their accounts on a regular basis, but the truly succesful count their friends among their greatest lasting legacies go,these relationships are more important than any business or properties.

say what u mean and mean what u said
keep ur word.honor ur commitments and they will double back to honor u.

build relationship
self-reliance is a good thing, but other-reliance is essential.after all,no man is an island.

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