Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Only Mee

I read about it in the papers which mentioned that they serve noodles made right at the restaurant. Lepas minum kat Starbucks yang mahal nak mampus.... I saw the sign "ONLY MEE" so we just walked in. Decor looked like one of those fast food joint in bright orange. The wait staffs consisted more foreigners than locals even those behind the cooking counter. One local shoved us the menu which has photos showing the various noodles available (not that many choices too). Alamak, they all looked so unappetising, I guess too late to back out huh??Anyway, we placed our order of one Dim Sum apa ntah (RM4.00 adalah 3 ketul) and HK Wantan Noodle (RM7.90 each). Sighhh I really regretted the moment they bring the tea and cutlery. Everything's in white plastic, urghhhh. For that kind of price, gosh, it's really terrible. When I see my noodles, I really no mood already. Plus the silly wait staff (not sure he's from Myanmar or Nepal) gave us the ladle type of spoon aiyohhh too big la the spoon. Everything in white plastics urrghh (again?? but aiyoh)! (Really lah for the price we're paying, can't use metal ones meh??)Ok about the food, the colour don't look apetising and one mouthful confirm that it's not tasty at all. Very bland. The noodle which tasted like normal wantan mee is topped with a few pieces of chicken breast meat which is so tough that one throw at the wall, will dent the wall! Apart from noodles, tough chicken meat and wantan; So if you happen to come across this noodle place call Only Mee, please don't bother ok!!! Meaning.... yesterday is an annoying day for me at One Utama.......Huhuhu....

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