Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Yesterday I am on leave but I got some work to do in the office. So early morning me and Hakimi pegi opis dulu.... after i finish all my work I bring Hakimi to Cineleisure Damansara... because.... his dialog since yesterday was.." Mama nak tengok duyung... tengok aspalela...lela..lela..lela..lela..lela..) Hmm.. why not... but we had our brunch at Luca's Pizza first. Then shopping.... Hakimi beli baju Superman lagi...huhu...The synopsis as below:

Duyung tells the tale of a young man named Jimmy who has this habit of taking care of the environment. He also has a weird habit which is not well received by the other villagers. Jimmy befriends Orix an apeman species and he is vegetarian...meaning dia xmakan ikan. Quietly he developes this feeling for Aspalela the daughter of Wak Pagek the leader of the villager.
One day Jimmy visited Wak Pagek's house to ask his daughter's hand in marriage but was denied approval from Wak Pagek. He furthermore challenged Jimmy to have a land of his own if he wishes to marry his daughter (Diorang Bajau Laut...mana la ada tanah). With a struck of a genius idea using recycled items he created his own land but to his surprise, every morning as he wakes up his land seemed to expand bigger and bigger. After all he has worked for, Wak Pagek still refused to give his daughters hand in marriage. Kordi the most successful guy at the village also wishes to marry Aspalela. Kordi also is very much displeased with Jimmy as he forbids him from fishing. Kordi who has had enough of Jimmy's attitude forced him out of the village and comicly told him to marry a mermaid instead. Kordi destroyed Jimmy's land and fled off.
After all that had happened, Jimmy began to build back his island. While rebuilding the island he had not noticed that a real mermaid (Puteri) had got caught in one of the knots on the island. He managed to give a helping hand to Puteri and since then they became close friends. Jimmy also became rich after the many gold gifts Puteri gave him. Kordi was not pleased seeing Jimmy with all of his riches and decided to investigate where his wealth was coming from. It led him to the capture of the mermaid. Jimmy as a hero of course la he release Puteri. Since then he never met Puteri again. Jimmy then get married to Aspalela and build a new resort. Puteri... of course la she found Putera.... (another mermaid jantan...)

** Overall OK la...

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riniwarti rosaidy said...

nak tengok jgk...but no1 take care of my babies!huhuhu....