Monday, January 19, 2009


Semalam me, hubby and Hakimi pegi tengok Maut kat Cineleisure.... overall citer dia okla... xtakut sgt... maybe sebab untuk U classified... tapi hopefully citer ni akan menginsafkan aku dan kengkawan yang lain... layannn
There is a proverbial tree of life - and every time a leaf falls, the Angel of Death goes to retrieves the soul of the dead. That’s how the story goes. Split into three vignettes (”Eternal Peace”, “The Light Of Hope” and “The Tortured Soul”), “Malaikat Maut” chronicles the experiences of Liana (Liyana Jasmay), Farah (Sabrina) and JJ (Que Haidar) - three people who discover the shocking truth and ugliness about life beyond the living.

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wati said...

Rasa mcm nak gi tengok ngak...