Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Kena Tag dari Eja

(1) Names in Your Inbox Cellphone
My Boss - Inform he is on MC (baru kuar sepital). Suh aku fix meeting
My Cousin - Inform dia and baby masih dalam NICU
RC Fan (Malin) - Tanya cmne nak pegi Concorde Shah Alam

(2) Your Main Ringtone
Bencinta - Faizal Tahir

(3) What U Did At 12 Last Night?

(4) Who Was The Last Person You Went Out With? Where?
my son Hakimi.. pi beli pizzahut smlm..

(5) The Color 0f The T-Shirt You’re Wearing? Now?
not shirt but but pink baju kurung

(6) The Last Thing U Did?

(7) 3 of Your Everyday Favorite Items

(8) The Color of Your Bedroom?
kaler coklat cair.....

(9) How Much Money in Your Wallet Now?
500 lebih... nak bayar bil2....huhu

(10) How’s Life?
What a wonderful life..... eceh macam lagu si amstrong tu lak

(11) Your Favorite Song?
Andai ku Tahu.. kapan tiba ajalku... takut aku dgr

(12) What Will You Do Next Weekend?
Sabtu... Sukan Hakimi kat Stadium Shah Alam
Ahad... Last Exam....

(13) When Was The Last Time You Saw Your Mom?
2 jam lepas

(14) Where Is She Now?
kat umah aku....

(15) When Was The Last Time You Talked To Your Parent?
la kan jumpa dua jam lepas... tentu la cakap...

(16) Who Is The Last Person That Texted You?
My Hubby

(17) Where Did You Have Dinner Last Night?
Kat umah.. tapau kek & pizza hut.. celebrate my Hubby nye birthday

(18) The Last Surprise You Got?
ntah... lupa lak... maybe hubby nk surprise me this Thursday...eg. belikan handbag Guess ke.... heheh

(19) Last Thing You Borrowed From Your Friend
pinjam apa ek... org pinjam my things ada la... xnk tanya ke...

(20) Who is Your Bf/Gf Or Husband/Wife?
Lelaki ini...... AHmad Afandi Alang

(21) What Do You Feel Now?

(22) Wanna Share With Who?
jom sume kt tdo...

(23) Who Knows Your Secret?
secret recipe...hehhe... mana ada secret

(24) They Keep Your Secret?

(25) Are You Angry With Someone?
not now

(26) What do you order at McD?
McChicken regular set for me... BigMac large set for hubby
Happy meal Chicken for Hakimi.... Happy meal Nugget for Hazimi

(27) The Last Time You Felt So Sad?
last 3 weeks... rindu bangat pada Hazimi....

(28) Mahu Tag?
sape baca je .... dah kena tag la tu...

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