Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Action Coach Award

My boss attend a twice a month business coaching session with a business coach from Action Coach, an organisation which specialises in providing business coaching to companies who intend to improve their business. He have been attending these sessions for a year now. Many of the ideas and systems implemented in the last one year were as a result of these coaching sessions. In the coaching sessions too, he is required to read a book every 2 weeks so ideas can be generated which would improve JHJ as a whole.

Last Saturday, Action Coach had their awards ceremony for 2009 to honour companies that they train which have shown tremendous progress and improvement in the last one year. Our firm JHJ was shortlisted in 2 categories ie for improved systems and best team award.

I am pleased to inform you that JHJ won the award under the category of TEAM AWARD for 2009. Under this category the companies are judged in the following categories:-

1. what is the company doing for the continous improvement of the team;
2. what are steps that the company intends to take in the near future to improve the team;
3. HR Management systems;
4. Probablity of employee satisfaction;

** Proud a bit coz i'm handling HR...hehhe... boss... no bonus mehhhh...ekekke


azieazah said...

Tahniah...! Tahniah...! Tahniah...!

Kalu dapat bonus, bagitau ek? nak ajak dating.. Ahaks!

Hezrin Ahmad said...

huhu... xde bonus la kak... tunggu la next year..hehe

Anonymous said...

Wah... big congrats!!! :)

Hezrin Ahmad said...

tq ijan...